Alan Muller took refuge in 1997 with Akong Rinpoche. In 2003, he completed a one-year closed retreat under the guidance of Lama Yeshe Rinpoche at Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland. During this period, he took novice monks vows. Alan remained a novice monk for six years and now presents courses and retreats as a layperson. He has formed Ngondro groups since 2004 around Southern Africa.


Angela Martinaglia has her Honours in Psychology and is a Registered Counsellor with a focus on trauma and stress. She is Qualified in Mindfulness Based Interventions training at Stellenbosch University (IMISA)


Bruce van Dongen is the founder of the Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre. He is also an Engineer and uses the practices of Kundalini Yoga and his love and appreciation of nature to balance the pressures of the corporate world. He is a qualified Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Trainer.


Carey Abercrombie has been practicing Yoga since 2006 and gained her 200 hour RYT certificate as a Vinyasa and Hatha instructor in 2008 under the guidance of Cherryl Duncan from Living Yoga in Johannesburg. Her aim is to share Yoga by teaching her truth honorably and with respect for all things. She hopes to help students find their own truth, happiness and joy in their practice. Carey is also currently in a 4 year mindfulness training programme through Mindfulness Africa.


Chandasara spent her early adult life in political exile in Europe and America where she was recruited into Okhela, an Oliver Tambo initiative to facilitate and expand white involvement in the ANC. Wishing to deepen her meditation experience, she undertook a 6-week self-retreat guided by Kittisaro and Thanissara at the BRC in 1998. Having discovered the revelatory power of sustained and focused meditation, she decided to enter monastic life.She resided at Amaravati and Chithurst Buddhist monasteries from 2002 to 2010. She has completed an Honours degree in Psychology and moved to Dharmagiri in May 2015 where she offers supported self-retreats for individuals wishing to explore and engage more deeply with particular aspects of their life experience.


Choden(Sean Mc Govern)Formally a monk within the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Choden (aka Sean Mc Govern) completed a three year, three month retreat in 1997 and has been a practicing Buddhist since 1985. He is originally from South Africa where he trained as a lawyer and learned meditation under the guidance of Rob Nairn, an internationally renowned Buddhist teacher. He is now involved in developing secular mindfulness and compassion programmes drawing upon the wisdom and methods of the Buddhist tradition, as well as contemporary insights from psychology and neuroscience. He is an honorary fellow of the University of Aberdeen and teaches on their Postgraduate Study Programme in Mindfulness (MSc) that is the first of its kind to include compassion in its curriculum. He co-wrote a book with Paul Gilbert in 2012, entitled 'Mindful Compassion' that explores the interface between Buddhist and Evolutionary approaches to compassion training. In 2016 he completed a one year retreat focused on the foundation practices of Tibetan Buddhism


Drupon Samten Rinpoche is one of the yogi's featured in the renowned film Yogi's Of Tibet. He was given the title Vajra Meditation Master by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon. He began his Buddhist training at 6yrs old at Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Lama Yuru in Lhaddak, built in the 12th century. Drupon completed his long retreat and the six yoga's of Naropa under the great yogi and meditation retreat master, Khyunga Rinpoche. He is highly accomplished in Buddhist philosophy & ceremony, butter sculpture, painting, music, lama dance, healing, and astrology. In 1987 His Holiness sent him to the United States, and for practical reasons was given permission to cut his hair. Drupon Samten is now based in San Diego, and is involved in teaching and guiding centres in the US and South America, and regularly teaches in Taiwan and Malaysia. Despite arriving in the US speaking no English, he is now recognised for his command of English and the clarity, compassion and wisdom with which he teaches, and, the wonderfully open and friendly way he engages with everyone that he meets.



Ken Holmes is based at Samye Ling, Scotland, where he is Director of Buddhist Studies and has been assisting late renowned Tibetan Lama Akong Rinpoche for 37 “amazing and incredibly fortunate years”, translating Tibetan texts and interpreting for visiting Tibetan lamas. He is much respected internationally for his inexhaustible knowledge of Buddhism which he presents with wisdom and clarity, humility and an infectious sense of humour.


Kerri Martinaglia  runs The Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre. She is the Mindfulness Africa regional coordinator for KwaZulu Natal and has been facilitating courses and retreats since 2009. Her special interests are in how the practices of yoga, mindfulness and compassion can help restore our balance.


Louis van Loon lectured in Buddhist philosophy at the Universities of Cape Town and Durban-Westville for 22 years.  He established the Buddhist Retreat Centre in 1980 and, along with his wife, Chrisi, directs its affairs. Both were involved in the compilation of the BRC’s popular recipe books “Quiet Food”, “The Cake the Buddha Ate” and “Plentiful:The Big Book Of Buddha Food”. His interest lies in the psychology of meditation and in the relationship between art, science, religion and philosophy.  He is an architect and consulting civil and structural engineer in private practice in Durban. He teaches Sumie, Japanese brushwork painting, and sketching in Durban, Cape Town and Ixopo.


Lucy Draper - Clarke has been awarded a doctorate in Mindfulness and Teacher Education at Wits University, where her research focused on the use of Mindfulness Based Living   with  student teachers to alleviate their stress and enhance their classroom experience. The PhD provided the opportunity to bring her education background together with her spiritual life. She is a Director of “Mindfulness Africa”, an organisation launched by Rob Nairn, with the intention of bringing mindfulness-based living courses (MBLC) to Southern Africa. One of her current interests involves combining mindfulness and compassion with yoga asana, to create Mindful Yoga practices.


Nicky van der Hulst is a Chiropractor, Homeopath and Yoga teacher. She has a keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of movement and gentle preventative care on health and wellbeing. Nicky brings together her love of teaching, therapeutic movement and holistic therapies in the practice and facilitation of her work.

Nickys practice of yoga exceeds 20 years and 10 years experience teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Astanga. Her teaching has a strong anatomical and physiological approach grounded in a deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga.


Pippa Cope has been involved with the Tara Rokpa Therapy Process, “Healing Relaxation, a creative fusion of Tibetan and Western Wisdom” since 1997, and was authorised as a senior helper in SA. Having worked in the caring, therapeutic and development fields in the UK, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, she is currently the resident manager of the Tara Rokpa Centre, Groot Marico.


Pritam Hari Kaur Khalsa was Yogi Bhajan's European secretary in the Eighties, at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Germany. He asked her to relocate to teach in South Africa in 1987. Her family has been pioneers in natural and yogic living through their natural food businesses, Fruits & Roots and Earth Products and through their courses and teacher trainings. They now live on a sustainable, off-the-grid community farm in the Western Cape.



Rob Nairn resigned in 1980 as professor of Criminology at the University of Cape Town to commit full-time to his spiritual path. His training in psychology and Buddhism - including a four-year isolation retreat at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland - enables him to translate ancient Eastern wisdom into concepts we can understand and apply. Rob is the author of "Tranquil Mind, Diamond Mind" and "Living, Dreaming, Dying". Currently, he is the representative of the late Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche for Kagyu Africa, and teaches at the four Kagyu Buddhist Centres, as well as in the UK and Europe. Rob is an associate lecturer of the Education faculty at Aberdeen University, where he has designed a three-year master’s degree in Mindfulness. He has been active in bringing Mindfulness training to Southern Africa.


Tania Potter is a Certified New Insights Life Coach who specializes in Personal Development. After completing a BComm Degree, Tania was half way through Honours in Financial Management, when she realised this was not the life she wanted. A change in direction led to a daily meditation practice as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Adult Learning). Tania has been a practicing Life Coach at Soul Sense Life Coaching since 2010.


Thanissara From a London Anglo-Irish family in London, started Buddhist practice in the Burmese school in 1975. She was inspired to ordain after meeting Ajahn Chah and spent 12 years as a Buddhist nun where she was a founding member of Chithurst and Amaravati Buddhist Monasteries. She was also co-initiator of events for children and families at Amaravati. Thanissara has facilitated meditation retreats internationally the last 25 years and has an MA in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Practice from Middlesex University & the Karuna Institute in the UK. She is co-facilitator of the Community Dharma Leader Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre CA, USA. Thanissara is co-founder of Dharmagiri South Africa and teaches and lives between S.Africa and the US. Visit www.dharmagiri.org for more information.


















Charlie Morley has been a self-taught lucid dreamer since the age of 17 and a practising Buddhist for the past 11 years, after taking refuge with the late Akong Tulku Rinpoche. In 2008 at the age of 25, he started teaching lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism at the request of his mentor and well known meditation instructor Rob Nairn. Soon after he started teaching, Charlie received the traditional Tibetan Buddhist “authorisation to teach” from his teacher Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, which was not only a great honour to have received, but also a valuable seal of approval from such a highly regarded Lama. In 2010 Charlie and Rob began to create and pioneer a new holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep. Since then Charlie has run lucid dreaming workshops and Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep retreats around the UK, Europe, Africa and America. He has featured on BBC Radio 4 and lectured at Goldsmiths University, Cape Town Medical School, the Royal Geographical Society and dozens of Buddhist centres and retreats. In 2011 he gave the ever first talk on lucid dreaming at one of the well-known TED conferences in San Diego. He is the Hay House author of the best-selling "Dreams of Awakening", and curently lives in London.